Friday, May 25, 2007

Directions to Jack Frost

We'll be at Jack Frost in 24 hours! Yippee!! The kids have been working very hard and look great.

Don't forget - be there by noon on Saturday and talk to Maureen if you're going to participate in the Mass on Sunday. (Otherwise, noon on Sunday, too.)

The easiest way to get to Jack Frost from the Scranton area is to take the turnpike to:
Pocono Exit 95 of I-476 (N.E. Extension of PA Turnpike):
Take Route 940 East and follow signs 4 miles to ski area entrance on left.

1 Jack Frost Mountain Road
Blakeslee, PA 18610
in case you want to Google Map them.

It's VERY easy to find. Look forward to seeing you there! It's going to be wonderful.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

June and July

Jack Frost Update:
There will be an extra practice for the 9:30 and 10:30 classes on Wednesday, May 23 from 6:15 to 7:30. The dancers from the 1:00 class will have their extra practice Thursday, May 24 from 6:15 to 7:45.

Please review the post below for all the Jack Frost details. We still need baskets and workers for our stand. If anyone can help, please contact Patty Carr. (See post below.)

June and July
Starting in June we switch to our summer schedule. We will dance two Tuesdays per month, unless preparing for a performance.

June Classes:
Tuesday, June 12
Tuesday, June 19

July Classes:
Tuesday, July 10
Tuesday, July 17

Summer Camp for Beginners
Summer camp will be held on June 18 - 21. It will be at the ICS from 9:30 to 11:00 and is open to all beginner dancers. This includes all the 9:00 class children as well as any new student that would like to try Irish Step. The cost is $65/student and can be paid on the first day of camp. Please email me if you were interested and I will enroll your child.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Jack Frost Information

The Jack Frost Celtic Festival is almost here! Following are the highlights from Saturday's meeting:

  • Dancers will take the stage promptly at 1:15 both days*. Dancers must arrive by noon.
  • Dancers meet in the ski rental/kiddie area toward the back of the main building.
  • Once a dancer is in the room, they may not leave.
  • Parents - drop your child off then wait in the hall if you need to help your child change. Dancers will be going over their dances before changing. You will be called when it's time to dress. Once your child is dressed, go find a seat so you can enjoy the show!
  • Do NOT come in costume! Part of the drama of the performance is entering in costume.
  • Bring costumes in a labeled bag.
  • NO FOOD in the back room!
  • NO eating in costume!
  • Girls' hair - pull back top and sides only. Wear the purple ribbon.
  • Ghillies, bubble socks, hard shoes. No tights.
  • Costume for girls: Purple dress if you have it. Otherwise, "ballet pink" leotard, purple skirt, purple cape.
  • * Sunday Mass. If your child is going to participate in the 11 o'clock Mass, see Maureen.
  • Advance tickets are available at the ICS during dance practice this weekend. $14 advance, $17 at the door. Dancers do NOT need a ticket.
  • For security reasons, once children are in the back room, they stay with the dance group until they have danced and returned to the back room. DO NOT take your child from the dance floor.
  • If someone other than the "regular" dance parent is going to be picking a child up, make sure that person is introduced to Maureen or Erin Joyce. Your child will not be released to someone who is a stranger to Maureen.
  • If your child has a purple dance shirt, have them wear it after the show. Everyone will be dressed in green - the purple will make them easier to identify.
  • Note - the Ski Lift ride takes an hour. No dancer is to ride the ski lift before the performance.

Have FUN!

Please contact Maureen through the blog with questions. Post a comment - your question/answer may be someone else's as well!