Wednesday, November 18, 2009

December and January Dance Dates

5 and 12

9, 16, 23, 30

Attendance is important.

Notes from Nov 14 Parent's Meeting

The recital this year will take place on April 11 from 2-5p in Shopland Hall at the Scranton Cultural Center. "Dress" rehearsal will take place before the show and the cast party will follow immediately after the show. More information about the show will be available after the new year.

Show Costumes:

10am Class: Same as last year: Eggplant skirt, white shirt with embroidered Peter Pan collar and cape.

11am Class: TBA

Holiday Party December 13 from 2 - 5

ALL are welcome. Admission is free. There will be arts and crafts stations set up and a raffle. Please bring a dessert.

Due to the upcoming show, attendance at dance is very important. One exception is if your child is sick. If your child is sick, please keep them at home. Contact Maureen to let her know.

Dancers should be practicing their steps daily.

If you have outgrown ghillies that can be donated to the "ghillie box" please bring them to dance.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parent's Meeting

Parents- meeting 11/14 during your child's class time. Important info - please attend.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome Back

September Dates:
12, 19, 26
October Dates:
3, 17, 24
November Dates:
7, 14, 21

We will continue to have classes on 3 Saturdays of every month.

Tuition payments are due on the 1st class of each month. A $5/week late fee will be added to any payments received after the first class. Tuition is $35/month. All checks are made payable to Maureen King.

Please arrive on time for class. Late comers are a distraction for everyone.

We will have a parents meeting in October. The date will be announced soon.

If for any reason we cannot have 3 classes in a particular month, we will have 4 classes in another month to make up that class.

Parents - Please do not let you children run through the building. We have had a few accidents and a few 'close calls'. We do not want anyone getting hurt.

Please remember - no jeans, skirts or extra-long sweatpants.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at topyorkies (at) yahoo (dot) com

Note from Deb:
I still have some portraits from the show. If you have not gotten yours, please see me!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September Dance Classes

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all enjoyed your Summer Vacation.

Just wanted to let you know that Irish Step Classes will resume on September 12th.

Please have your children come to the class they attended last year.
Class Times:
11:00- 12:00

New students may also come to the 10:00 class or call me for more info. Thanks and see you soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Newsletter

The recital was a huge success. Maureen received so many positive comments and the children had a lot of fun. Many thanks to all who donated baskets, food, paper products, etc. Thank you to Jean Evans for all her hard work as chairman of the Basket Raffle. Thank you to Jack and Jeanne Murphy and Joan Steidle for working the door. Also thank you to Gretchen Welby and Mary Pat Burke for decorating Shopland Hall, and a special thank you to all the dancers for working so hard to make our recital so wonderful.

Recital info:
Raffle: $1035
Door: $1140
Total: $2175
Expenses: $972
Total Profit: $1203
In the past, recitals have COST us between $4000 and $6000.

Summer Camp:
Camp begins this Monday (July 20) at 9:30. There are still some spots available. Camp will run July 20 - 23 from 9:30 - 11:30. Cost is $65/child.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Dance

Hope you all enjoyed a little time off.  We will be starting back on Tuesday June 2nd.  As we all know, we have to dance a little in the summer to be ready to perform at all those church picnics that come around.

Here is a schedule for classes: 
June 2nd and June 9th
Beginner's 5:30-6:10
Intermediate 6:15-7:15
Advanced 7:15-8:15

Also, if your dancer has a friend or two that might want to try out Irish dance, they are more than welcome to sign up for the summer session.  Just tell them to come to the June 2nd class.
I will have a complete summer schedule available at Tuesday's class and a recital report.

If you ordered photos from Deb Moran, she will have them this week.

Friday, May 8, 2009

No Dance Until June

There will be no dance until June 2. Check back here for dance dates.

Ice Cream Social

There will be an Ice Cream Social at the ICS on May 16 from 1-5. Please RSVP by 5/11 to Jack Tighe at 457-5446.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Show Notes

  • All dancers will arrive promptly at 11:00 at Shopland Hall (4th floor) on Sunday.
  • Dancers should NOT be in costume.
  • We will have a complete run-through of the show at this time. 
  • Parents are NOT permitted to stay.
  • A snack and drink will be provided for the dancers.
  • All parents are asked to come back to the theater by 1:00 to dress your child.
  • Dancers need to be dressed and back to the theater by 1:45. 
  • Any parent that can donate paper plates, napkins and/or a dessert, please bring it with you to the theater.


  • Parents are permitted to take photographs and videos of the performance, but you must remain in your seat to do so.
  • The dancers will not be allowed to leave the theater between sets. Parents are encouraged to walk around the lobby and mingle between sets.
  • We have been granted access to the parking lots of the Scranton School District's Administration Building. Jim Joyce will be at the entrance to the parking lot to ensure that only our parents park there. Please tell him that "Ms. Maureen said we could park here."
  • Please remember that we are having a basket raffle and silent auction during the recital. Don't forget your donations!
  • Finally... your dancers have been working very hard for this show. Please encourage them to get plenty of rest and have a lot of fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009


No classes on Saturday, May 2.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Extra Practice Schedule

Thursday April 23: 11:00 class 6:30-7:30
Saturday April 25: Regular classes
Sunday April 26:All dancers report at 1:00. We will dance until 3.

Dance Portraits will be taken on the 26th during practice. Please bring your costume for the portraits and group picture.

For this practice I will need some parents to volunteer to stay and watch the 10:00 class when they are not dancing. Please see me.

Thursday April 30: All dancers report at 6:30-8:30. This is our final rehersal before the show.

Saturday May 1: No class for 10 or 11:00 classes. 12:00 please report at 11:00.

Recital Updates

Admissission to recital will be $5/person. Children under 5 are free.

Doors to Shopland Hall Lobby will open at 2:00PM. Doors to the Shopland Hall Theater will open at 2:45.

Children will be asked to arrive in hour intervals starting with the oldest dancers. That schedule will be handed out next week.

The cast party will immediately follow the recital from 6-8 PM in Shopland Hall. It is for dancers and their families. Because there is no admission fee it is not open to the public. Pizza and hoagies will be served. The concession bar will remain open and we will have a DJ.

Parents of the 12:00 Class have volunteered to donate cheese and cracker platters for the Recital. Please bring them with you that day.

Please see Jean Evans (10:00 class) for donations for our Basket Raffle. This Raffle is a very important part of the recital ans we need everyone's help to make it a success.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Extra Practices Week of April 13 - 19

11:00 Class: Thursday 6:30 - 7:30

10:00 Class: Sunday 1:00 - 2:00
11:00 Class: Sunday 2:15 - 3:15
12:00 Class: Sunday 3:00 - 4:00

There will be regular dance classes on Saturday, April 18.

Monday, March 30, 2009

April Newsletter

April Dance Dates:
4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
**There will be extra practices on weeknights and Sundays starting after Easter. A schedule will be sent home.**

It is very important that all dancers are at every practice now. We are getting close to the show and the children need to be a class to be sure they know the dances. If a dancer misses or has missed several classes he/she will be removed from the dance. I will not allow a child to perform a dance he/she is not competent in. Please do not expect to see your child in every dance if he/she has missed several classes.

It has come ti my attention that there is some confusion over tuition payments. Here is the policy:
  • All payments are due the first class of the month.
  • If your payment is not received on the first class, you will incur a weekly $5 late fee.
  • If your child is not at dance on the first class due to illness, etc., you may make your payment at the second class without penalty.
  • No matter how many classes your child attends during the month, the payment is still $35. There is no per-class payment. Please do not ask to do pay-as-you go as it is a bookkeeping nightmare. All checks must be made to Maureen King.

My "bookkeeper" has been very lenient in accepting late payments without charging late fees. That is going to stop. Due to my Mother's health problems lately, she will not be at every class - only the first of the month. Therefore, any payments made after that class will be made to me and charged the additional late fee. All accounts must be up to date for participation in the recital.

Finally, if anyone has financial difficulty and needs to discuss a different payment plan, please see me. We can always work something out. This information is kept confidential and may be adjusted as needed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parade Info

All dancers will wear the performance costumes for the parade.

All dancers will wear the appropriate color tights. No bubble socks. Please refer to the info sheet you received on Saturday. 

Please do not be late as many of us will need to change into costume.

Any questions, please email Maureen.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ICS Sashes for Parade

Anyone who wants an ICS sash to wear in the parade, see Lynn Mooney. There are a few left. Cost $20. Place order at cape pickup.

**11 O'Clock Class Parents**

Do not forget to bring your dancer with you to cape pick up to ensure that her dress will fit for the parade!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

11:00 Class Dancers!

To All Parents of 11:00 Class Dancers:
Please bring your dancer with you on Saturday, March 7 for the cape pick-up so she can have her performance dress properly fitted.
-- thanks -- 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Parade Info

On Saturday, March 7th we will have our cape pick-up from 11:00 to 12:30 at the ICS. If the weather is nice, we will NOT wear the capes. I will also give you all the info pertaining to the line-up for the parade: the time, place, costume details, etc.

All tuition must be current through March. You may make your payment when you pick up the cape.

Please pass this info on to anyone that may not have email or access to the blog.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Newsletter

March Dates:
7th: Cape pick-up
14th: Parade Day
21st: Regular Class
28th: Regular Class

Dance Costumes:
If you have not sent your shirt to the embroiderer by now, you must do so immediately or you will not have a shirt. She is going to start a new order soon and will not be able to do any more shirts. It is $5/lapel {$10/shirt} and you must include a postage paid return envelope. 

Class Attendance:
It is very important that your dancer attend all classes. We are preparing for our recital and there are a large number of dancers missing classes repeatedly. If your dancer misses too many classes he/she will be removed from the dances we are choreographing. Unless your child is sick, he/she is expected at class each Saturday.

On Saturday, March 7th, we will have our cape pick-up from 11:00 to 12:30 at the ICS. If the weather is nice, we will NOT wear the capes. I will also give you all the info pertaining to the line-up for the parade - the time, place, costume details, etc. 

All tuition must be current through March. You may make your payment when you pick up the cape. 

Please pass this info on to anyone that may not have email or access to the blog.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update to January News

Dance Dates: There are no dance classes on January 31st.

Costumes: On last week’s newsletter, the pattern information was omitted from some of the copies. This is the info for the 10:00 costumes: McCalls 4867 view D (no tabs)

All costumes must be ready by the end of February. We will be wearing our costumes for the parade.

Recital: We have finally secured a date and place for our recital! We have secured the Scranton Cultural Center’s Shopland Hall for Sunday May 3rd.

I would like to thank Casey Welby for the great idea and Gretchen Welby for all of her help. I will have a very brief meeting on Saturday, January 24th during each class to discuss the recital and the role each parent plays. Please make every effort to attend. I will need to know by the end of January if any child will NOT participate in the recital.

* It is very important that your child attend all classes. We will be working very hard to make this recital a wonderful experience for you and your child. Attendance at class is a vital part of this experience. I want the children to be confident in their dances and that means 100% participation.

PLEASE NOTE: for the 10:00 class , the capes will be available starting saturday the 24th from Lynn Mooney. The cost is $25 due at the time of pick-up. There will be a sign up sheet on the bar for anyone who will need a shirt made also.Cost unknown at this time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January News

Dance Dates:
We will have dance on all Saturdays in January.

February 7, 14 and 21.

Due to the recent deaths in my family which have forced me to miss class, I have postponed the recital. At this point, I am looking at the first 2 weeks in April for the recital. I will confirm the date as soon as I confirm the venue, which I hope will happen this week. All costumes must be finished by mid-February so we will be ready for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Please See below for details.

10:00 class - Capes are being made by Lynn Mooney. Please see her for payment. Skirts are to be made by the individual dancer. Material can be purchased at Sew Smart Fabrics on N. Washington Ave. The pattern is available at JoAnn Fabrics, or ask other parents. Any parent that has a skirt they no longer need may bring it to dance and donate it or sell it to a beginner dance parent. Please remember you need to purchase two short sleeve Peter Pan collar shirts and send them to the embroiderer:
All Things Embroidered
5 Meadow Creek Lane
Glennmore, PA 19343

Please include a return envelope with postage paid. Each shirt will cost $5.00

This class will also need a white turtle neck shirt for the parade.

11:00 Class: All dresses will be made by Susan Becker. She will have invoices for each dancer within a week. She will take care of the embroidery as well.  

12:00 Class: Try on your purple dresses and report back to me ASAP!

All dancers need bubble socks and ghillies. {See Mrs. Murphy} All dancers also need black lollipop pants for under her costume.

Anyone wishing to order clothes, please print out an order form, circle your desired items and give it to Mrs. Murphy. No payment is necessary until we receive $150 of orders. We will then send them in with all payments. 

***During the next few months, please check here before leaving your house if the weather is questionable. I will have cancellations posted by 8:30 AM if not the night before.**