Monday, April 16, 2007

Baskets Needed for Jack Frost

The Irish Cultural Society will once again move to Jack Frost Mountain for the Celtic Festival which will be held Memorial Day Weekend (May 26 & 27.) While we are at Jack Frost, we will be concentrating on fund raising for the society. This is truely our time to raise the money we need to pay the utility bills that allow our society to have a building. Without the ICS building, our dancers would not have a home. As a dancing parent and treasurer of the ICS, I am thankful to the society and Maureen for allowing the dancers to fill the building each weekend.

Currently, I am asking for basket donations from everyone so we may fill our stand at Jack Frost. Some people have told me that they already have their baskets. Thank you so much. Other parents have asked if they can just make a cash donation. That is fine. I don't mind shopping to fill baskets. In years past, some people have asked me to decorate their basket. Not a problem. Lately, people have asked me specifically what kind of baskets we want. We usually have a large variety of baskets, some for children, adults, food themes, game themes, water themes, picnic themes, sports themes, summer holiday themes, Christmas themes, and more. Honestly, what ever you want to try, go for it! I would appreciate receiving all baskets by Saturday, May 11. If you need to contact me, email me LONGISLANDCARR@YAHOO.COM OR 342-2862 AT HOME.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mid-April Update

April Dance Dates
4/14, 4/21, 4/28

May Dance Dates
5/5, 5/12, 5/19

Cape Reminder
All capes must be returned next week. Please be sure to have your dancer's name on the cape so we can check your name off the list.

Jack Frost
This year I will only be taking about 50 dancers to Jack Frost. In years past we had an hour to preform. This year we have only 45 minutes. Next week I will post a list of dancers. If you know you are unable to attend this performance, please let me know this week. Those dancers going to Jack Frost must commit to attend ALL practices. Any dancer missing 2 practices will be replaced. We will be having additional practices on Sundays as well as during the week. Also, any dancer that has not mastered his/her steps as of this week will not be considered for Jack Frost. We are starting the choreographing stage of the dances and do not have time to re-teach steps. An informational meeting will be held in early May to explain arrival times, costumes, etc.

A note from the President:
Sean May has asked me to announce that the ICS building may be rented for Communions, birthdays or any special occasions. Please call Sean at 586-3315 for more information.