Friday, May 8, 2009

No Dance Until June

There will be no dance until June 2. Check back here for dance dates.

Ice Cream Social

There will be an Ice Cream Social at the ICS on May 16 from 1-5. Please RSVP by 5/11 to Jack Tighe at 457-5446.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Final Show Notes

  • All dancers will arrive promptly at 11:00 at Shopland Hall (4th floor) on Sunday.
  • Dancers should NOT be in costume.
  • We will have a complete run-through of the show at this time. 
  • Parents are NOT permitted to stay.
  • A snack and drink will be provided for the dancers.
  • All parents are asked to come back to the theater by 1:00 to dress your child.
  • Dancers need to be dressed and back to the theater by 1:45. 
  • Any parent that can donate paper plates, napkins and/or a dessert, please bring it with you to the theater.


  • Parents are permitted to take photographs and videos of the performance, but you must remain in your seat to do so.
  • The dancers will not be allowed to leave the theater between sets. Parents are encouraged to walk around the lobby and mingle between sets.
  • We have been granted access to the parking lots of the Scranton School District's Administration Building. Jim Joyce will be at the entrance to the parking lot to ensure that only our parents park there. Please tell him that "Ms. Maureen said we could park here."
  • Please remember that we are having a basket raffle and silent auction during the recital. Don't forget your donations!
  • Finally... your dancers have been working very hard for this show. Please encourage them to get plenty of rest and have a lot of fun!